Dinner Menu 5pm to 10 pm

Spring salad with asparagus, radish, mango, thai basil and
passion fruit- lime vinaigrette
9,50 €

Salad of filet tipes with sweet pepper, champignons, red onions
and Dijon-mustard
12,50 €

Sashimi of salmon with Asian sesame salad
13,50 €

Soup and middle course
Sweet pepper-papaya soup with coconut milk and coriander
7,50 €

Spaghettini with cherry tomatoes, pine nut, basil and
8,50 €

Tarte Flambee with sourcreme, bacon and onions
9,00 €

Tarte Flambee with sourcreme, champignons, rocket and
9,00 €

Fried pike perch with crabs of Büsum and braised cucumbers
17,50 €

Filet of salmon with savoy-potato ragout
in truffle cream sauce
19,50 €

Escalope of veal with potato salad
big / 18,50 €
small / 13,50 €

Fried liver of veal with caramelized apples and filled braised
onion with potato-mustard mash
16,50 €

Cordon Bleu filled with dried tomato-cheesecreme, herb jus and potato in the skin-vegetable gratin
18,50 €

Argentinean filet of beef with Baileys-pepper sauce and grilled
batata-zucchini vegetables
24,50 €

Rasberry sorbet with german sparkling wine
8,50 €

Crème bruleé with salad of strawberries and sour cream ice cream
9,00 €

Warm cake of valhrona chocolate with passion fruit ice cream
and vanilla sauce
10,50 €

Terzetto of desserts
11,00 €